Organized/ Invited Special Sessions

  • CACS 2022 welcomes proposals for invited/organized sessions within conference scope. Please put the proposal and the abstracts of all constituent papers in ONE electronic file when submitting. Please see Guidelines for Proposals of Invited /Organized Sessions for details.

Proposal Submission:

  1. Please send your proposal in PDF format (template) to: Submission deadline is July 1, 2022. Later submissions can be considered on special request.

Organized Special Sessions:

  1. Special Session I: Key Subsystem Technology for Self-driving Car
  2. Special Session II: Smart System and Its Applications
  3. Special Session III: Running, Jumping, or Flying Robots
  4. Special Session IV: Intelligent Control and Data Analysis Based on Bluetooth Beacons and Videos
  5. Special Session VII: Enabling Technologies for Autonomous Mobile Manipulators
  6. Special Session VIII: Technologies Development for Automated Guided Vehicles
  7. Special Session Ⅸ: Novel Control Strategy and Applications of Mechatronic Systems
  8. Special Session X: Development and Application of UAV Systems
  9. Special Session XI: The Direct/Indirect Brain Computer Interface Based Rehabilitation Assistive Systems for Stroke Patients
  10. Special Session XII: Control for Intelligent Automation and Manufacturing
  11. Special Session XIV: Mobile Robots and Object Assembly
  12. Special Session XV: Development of UAV Assisted Bridge Inspection Platforms
  13. Special Session XVI: Intelligent Rehabilitation Systems
  14. Special Session XVII: Robot Systems and Applications
  15. Special Session XVIII: The Design, Implementation and Application Validation of Multi-UAV Team Formation Control and Their Cooperation in Fields
  16. Special Session XIX: Intelligent Systems and Control
  17. Special Session XX: Multi-Agent Interactive Control Systems