Final Paper Submission:

  1. For Final Paper Submission & Registration, please visit HERE
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Paper Types:

  1. All papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format through the following Paper Submission System.
  2. CACS 2022 accepts either types of submissions, regular paper or position paper, for review. Both types of paper should be written in English, and would be included in the conference proceeding.

Regular paper:

  1. Full papers (5-8 pages with conference official format) must be submitted for review. To encourage diverse motivation of paper submissions, authors of the submissions could have an option to select whether they want their papers to be included in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.
  2. Suggested length for the final manuscript of the regular paper is 6 pages. Papers exceeding 6 pages might be submitted upon payment of over-length page charges. A maximum of 2 extra pages above 6 pages are permitted.
  3. Extra pages over 6 would incur extra charges (NT$3000/page) for inclusion in the conference publications.
  4. Regular Paper Template Download: [Download] [PDF] Please use the Letter size format and two columns. Do not number your manuscript pages.
  5. For the final paper to be included in IEEEXplore, please validate using PDF eXpress(click here to PDF eXpress site) before submitting the final paper. The Conference ID to login is: 55319X. If you have yet to establish a username and password, please use the button to "Create Account." Please note that if you have already established a password and have forgotten it, you can recover it by clicking on Forgot your password.

One-page Presentation-only Paper:

  1. This category of submissions is provided to authors who want to have a timely present of their research. One of the authors of an accepted “One-page Presentation-only position Paper” would be responsible for oral presentation in the conference session. Papers accepted in this category would ONLY be included in the conference proceeding without further IEEE Xplore consideration.
  2. One-page Presentation-only position Paper Template Download: [Download] [PDF] Please use the Letter size format and two columns.